Friday, November 27, 2009

drawing for today

this is just a random darwing that I drew today. the pastel still needs to be a little smoothed out, but I'm artsied out for today (:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009

My  mom finally got more hot cocoa mix to make hot chocolate!
so yesterday after school, Cory and I made some with mini marshmallows in my mom's Starbucks mugs(:
It was pretty good, but I don't think that I ever finished mine.
Oh well.
well today, I got to put up pictures on my blog that were on my camera, so I'm happy about that (:

The super hero room

I love going to this doctor's office.. just because there is always something fun about it. Usually it's just a room trying to be cool and the fun thing for me is going into the drawers and grabbing handfuls of little kid stickers to stick on Cory's fridge (:
This time it was the room AND the stickers! It was the super hero room (:
Then when Q was getting up on the table, i saw his little big boy undies and they matched the wall! haha so I had him show the camera his spidey undies by the wall (:

Just one?

Our momma kitty, Moses, was acting weird, and we figured she was pregnant again with her second batch of babies. We had no idea when she was due, though.
One day Moses was acting really weird and tried over and over to grab her other two cats, that are bigger than she is, by the ear and drag them down the hall.
My mom heard meowing later and found a baby! It wasn't born just then, though. She had to have had it a couple days before.
Moses must have wanted all of her babies together in her "nest". I think everyone decided to name the baby uno because he was the only baby born. (:
He has to be my favorite kitty.

Bringin' in the snow

Needless to say, I absolutely love this kid. (:

October 12, 2009

This was the ten month anniversary of being with Cory (:
He decorated his room and made a brownie cake that read, "I love you" with Spongebob sprinkles (:

I love you, Cory.

september day

Quincy, Amanda,  my mom and I went to eat at Chipotle and when Q and I were in the car, I drew on my finger and "stamped" on Quincy's face

Shayna and Lyndsey's sixteenth


Shayna, Nate, Heather, Megan, Gabe, Kassy, Ali and Ashlyn(:

Me, Kassy, Amy and Shayna

This was surprise party for Shayna's sixteenth birthday. She thought she would be going to a Jason Mraz concert with Amy. When they stopped back at Shayna's house thinking she was getting her phone back, she figured out it was a party. lol. She cried (:


Shina and me in the revolving doors

Me, Lyndsey, Shina, Ness, Allie, Annie, and Lyndsey's cousin
We took a limo to go eat at Hard Rock Cafe and then saw the movie "Fame" and then took the limo back to Lyndsey's house and had a slumber party (:

Saturday, November 14, 2009


There was a time that my mom asked me, "Do you think that you have had a good childhood?"

And of course my reply was, "Yes."

I didn't stop to ask why. I was caught in the moment of flashbacks and replays of the times that have made me, me.  I never doubted that answer. My best childhood friend aside from my two brothers, was Siv Parker. The memories I recall the most from times with her were stuffing our bras with socks or water balloons and going to meet out fake boyfriends.
 Another thing that I don't think will ever leave me is a time that my sister and I were over at Siv's house. We were staying up sooo late for our standards and all three of us never finished our milk that we had with dinner. So we poured it all together into one cup and had the greatest apiphany to make "egg nog". we got pepper, hairspray, perfume and all types of things to be our ingredients. When he had everything put together, we thought shining  a laser in the cup would help it out. lol.
Then we wanted to keep it for some odd reason and hide it away.
So we kept it in Siv's cupboard in her room and let it rot. haha.

Those aren't the only things that I remember, though. I remember all the get togethers with my family for holidays. I remember being just this crazy little girl with my friends and family.. all the times that have made me the person to love today.

It's just  a little crazy how you spend your life wishing on being older, being different, being younger. and we never really stop to enjoy who it is we really are at that moment...until it's too late.